Supportive nursing of the mechanically ventilated patient

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This unique webinar has been designed to introduce non-critical care nurses to the care considerations of the mechanically ventilated ICU patient. The webinar will orientate nurses to the environment, ventilation safety, ventilation basics, common alarms and appropriate actions and some of the fundamental patient assessments and  nursing management relevant to the mechanically ventilated patient. 

 This program is designed to assist non-critical care nurses to support the ICU Nurse in the management of the acutely unwell, ventilated patient. It will focus on supportive tasks, when to worry and when to escalate care.

This webinar will start at the following times:

Brisbane: 0800

Sydney: 0800

Melbourne: 0800

Hobart: 0800

Adelaide: 0730

Darwin: 0730

Perth: 0600


Provided on completion.